SAM Service is always looking for qualified service technicians and technician trainees in and around our coverage area. See what openings are available and apply below.

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Service Technicians are responsible for repairs, installation and maintenance of commercial food cooking and preparation equipment, refrigeration, ware wash/waste equipment, ventilation/exhaust hoods and air conditioning. Work sites include, but are not limited to, restaurants, schools, correction facilities, processing plants, supermarkets and convenience stores.
Service Technicians leave from home each day and travel from site to site to complete maintenance and repairs. They are also required to interact with customers, dispatchers and manufacturer tech support representatives in a knowledgeable and professional manner.

SAM Service, Inc. is based in Albany, Georgia. A majority of our technicians work from their homes and report to the office as needed. Applicants for this position will need to live in the Middle or Southwest Georgia area. Applicants that are considering or planning a move to this region are still eligible.

Experience in equipment maintenance and/or repair is required. Experience in refrigeration and/or HVAC (EPA card) is preferred but not necessary. Applicant must possess a strong technical/electrical aptitude and be able to read and follow wiring diagrams, technical drawings and service manuals. Knowledge and use of information technology such as computers, tablets and smartphones is a plus. Service Technicians must be available for overtime and on-call schedule.
Applicants must have a valid driver’s license and have a good driving record. Prospective employees must pass a drug-screening before hiring. SAM Service, Inc. employees must submit to regular, random drug screening.
Above all, an applicant must have the ability and desire to learn new technology, training and procedures.

SAM Service, Inc. pays a competitive salary based on skills and experience.
SAM Service, Inc. provides each Service Tech with a fully equipped service vehicle. Specialty tools and test equipment are provided. Refrigeration techs are provided with recovery and test equipment.
SAM Service, Inc. operates a paperless work order system. Each Service Tech is provided with an iPad, company email address and IT training.
CFESA training and testing as well as on-the-job training is provided. Manufacturer schools may be provided as they are made available.
A full set of uniforms are provided to each Service Technician and are replaced semi-annually.

SAM Service, Inc. works hard to maintain a positive, employee-friendly business culture. We seek to become “the best in the business” through excellence in service, ethics and procedures. Our goal is to offer good Service Technicians the ability to become great Service Technicians.